Dana Middleton – Author

This week’s guest is Dana Middleton.

Dana writes books for kids. Her debut, The Infinity Year of Avalon James, was nominated for the Young Hoosier Book Award and selected for Oregon’s Battle of the Books. She is also the author of Open If You Dare and The Young American’s Unofficial Guide to the Very British World of Harry Potter. 

Her next middle-grade novel, Truth or Consequences, will be published by Chronicle Books in 2021. 

She also coaches creative people at TheAlignedArtist.com

Highlights from this episode:

  • Dana’s realization to break free from her path as a “shadow artist” and embrace her ability and talent as a writer.
  • “What you have to express is important and how you get there may be very different than how someone else gets there. That does not mean that your expression isn’t valid.”
  • The concept of being “the tortoise and the hare”
  • The benefits that Dana discovered for creative breakthrough with EFT tapping 
  • Common blocks that she sees with creatives
  • “Be brave!”

Twitter:  @danakmiddleton
Instagram: @the_aligned_artist @danamiddletonbooks
Facebook: @TappingBootcamp @theAlignedArtist @danamiddletonbooks