Creating a Support System as an Artist [Podcast]

Kevin and Paul talk about creating a support system for yourself as an artist

You can’t do it alone as an artist. Creating in a vacuum doesn’t lead to success.

Highlights from this episode:

The support you can get from others in a class setting

Recognizing what type of people you need in your corner and in your life

– A story of  friends came to the rescue during Thanksgiving years ago

Recognizing what type of people you DON’T want in your circle of friends)

-Are you surrounded by a bunch of people in your life that make you feel like you’re the subject of a Comedy Central roast? That may not be a good thing.

-Kevin and Paul talk about the hardest rooms they’ve had to rehearse in.

Creating your own personal board of directors

-Have people in your life that will be honest with you (even if it hurts)

-How Kevin learned to be better at business phone calls

-How Paul had a difficult conversation about his first screenplay

Action steps: what you can do to reach out to people who can help and mentor you.